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Everlasting Gypsophila Baby's Breath Bouquet

Everlasting Gypsophila Baby's Breath Bouquet

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Discover the enchantment of our Everlasting Gypsophila Baby's Breath Bouquet, now offered in a stunning array of 6 exquisite colours to complement your unique style and occasion. Delicately crafted and weighing 120g, each bouquet is a masterpiece that adds an everlasting touch of beauty to any space.

**Color Options:**

1. **Light Pink**: Soft and graceful, this shade embodies the purity of affection and admiration. A perfect choice to convey your heartfelt emotions.

2. **Blue**: Evoking tranquility and serenity, our blue Gypsophila adds a soothing aura to your surroundings, making it an excellent option for creating a peaceful atmosphere.

3. **Diamond Blue**: Mesmerise with the shimmering allure of diamond blue. A touch of opulence and charm that captivates the eye and leaves a lasting impression.

4. **Dream Purple**: Ignite your imagination with dreamy purple hues. This colour symbolises creativity and spirituality, making it a splendid choice for artistic expression.

5. **White**: Classic and elegant, the white Gypsophila epitomises purity and new beginnings. A timeless selection for weddings, celebrations, and meaningful gestures.

6. **Yellow**: Radiating joy and positivity, the yellow Gypsophila brings sunshine to any setting. A cheerful companion for moments of happiness and celebration.

Each bouquet is meticulously composed using the finest Gypsophila blossoms, handpicked for their grace and endurance. Whether you're planning a wedding, adorning your home, or seeking a heartfelt gift, our Everlasting Gypsophila Baby's Breath Bouquet offers a spectrum of colours to suit your desires.

As with all our bouquets, these stunning arrangements require minimal upkeep while retaining their captivating beauty over time. Embrace the everlasting allure of Gypsophila Baby's Breath in the colour that resonates with your vision. Elevate your surroundings with timeless charm – order your preferred colour from our collection of 6 captivating shades today.

Length: 70 cm

1 x Everlasting Gypsophila Baby's Breath Bouquet Only

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Sharol C.
Amazing !!

Beautiful Preserved Flowers! Fast Delivery ,Highly Recommended