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Waterfall Ushape Glass Vase Plain Large

Waterfall Ushape Glass Vase Plain Large

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Waterfall Ushape Glass Vase Plain Large with Ribbed Glass Design, a stunning and sophisticated centrepiece that will elevate your floral arrangements to new heights. This exquisite vase combines the timeless elegance of glass with a unique ribbed design, creating a visually captivating and textured display. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Waterfall Ushape Glass Vase Plain Large features a sleek and transparent glass body that beautifully showcases the natural beauty of your flowers. The ribbed texture adds a touch of depth and dimension to the vase, creating a visually intriguing play of light and shadow.

Height: 230mm

Dia: 165mm

Waterfall Ushape Glass Vase Plain Large Only

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Customer Reviews

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Fits any decor

Love it! This is a very beautiful thick glass vase. It is heavy and steady. My curious cat loves to study all new bouquets of flowers and I hope that this vase will not fall as easily as the previous ones.