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The Wonders Of Miss One Vases: Why Choose Miss One

There comes an age when we begin to appreciate the simple things in life. For instance, a sleek, gorgeous vase — or two — to fill that design void in your space. 

Vases are versatile and look extremely classy. Need to break the colours in your grey-and-white living room? Add a bright yellow vase. Want to add an element of nature in a contemporary bedroom setting? Put a vase on the side tables with some real-life plants. The best part is, there's a vase style to go with all interior designs!

But where can you get some of the most stunning vases at reasonable prices? We have just the answer — Miss One! A growing interior accessories brand based in Australia, we produce sensual artworks to spruce up your space. In that regard, here are our three specialties (and solid reasons to choose us *winks*).

  • Versatile Range

  • Miss One has the widest range of vases you could get your hands on. They play with shapes and materials, and take inspiration from multiple interior themes. From classic to contemporary — and everything in between — there’s a little something to complement every interior design style.


  • Exotic Designs  

  • What woman doesn't want to hear people rambling about how beautiful her house is? Place a contemporary vase from Miss One on a shelf in your hallway, and watch people appreciate its beauty whenever you have visitors! Whether you opt for a sleek glass vase or a traditional ceramic one, our exotic designs will immediately uplift your interior.


  • Affordable Prices

  • A statement art piece that is rare to find is worth a lot. However, MIss One sells their vases for peanuts compared to the quality they are providing. We mean, not many brands sell a Nordic vase for a little over $30. Truly a steal! Bonus: You can escape shipping charges by making a purchase of over $59.95.


    Fun Ideas For Vase Decor

    Decorating with vases is a matter of creativity. Let your creative juices flow, and you’ll find there’s an endless possibility of how to complement your home with these beauties! Here are 4 of our favourite ways to decorate with vases:

    • A few small glass cubical vases on your kitchen countertop (with flowers)
    • A tall ribbed ash glass vase as a centrepiece for your dining (with long branches)
    • An assortment of dainty round ceramic vases on your fireplace mantle (empty)
    • A glass figurine vase on top of your bookshelf (empty or with vase filling)


    Come Snag Your Vase!

    It’s time to fill that missing piece to your interior design puzzle with a stunning classic vase. What are you waiting for? Head over to our website to snag yours today!

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