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The ShoppingBag Ceramic Vase, an elegant vase to enjoy all year round

Our ShoppingBag Vase is inexpensive yet stylish and will look great on your coffee table, dining table or even on a windowsill.

Elegant, durable and inexpensive yet stylish, made from porcelain with a matt finish, the beautiful and versatile ShoppingBag Vase can be used during all seasons for all occasions, from Christmas celebrations to family dinners, evening parties to summertime picnics, making it truly a year round item!

Fill the bag with some pleasing blooms and you have a wonderful focal point in any room.

When choosing flowers for the ShoppingBag Vase, you can select from a wide range of styles and colours. A single variety of flower can create a very attractive bouquet. Many people choose to display white or light-coloured flowers in their vases so that they complement the vase itself. This allows the ShoppingBag Vase to act as both a container and an ornament.

For those who have smaller spaces, it's best to use fewer flowers in your vase. While most people will not decorate their entire shopping bag with flowers, you can still find many ways to display just one or two blooms with your vase.

For larger spaces, the ShoppingBag Vase is large enough that you can fill it with multiple varieties of flowers at once. This will give your room a more natural feel and allow it to blend into its surroundings better.

Our vase has been designed to create a striking statement whatever the season.

Of course, you’ll want to enjoy this vase all year round, not just in the summer. That’s why we designed it so that you can also use it with dried flowers if you like. The ShoppingBag Vase is also suitable for shells, twigs and even Christmas ornaments! It’s a flexible vase that will look wonderful in any room of the house. We’re confident that once you have one of our vases on display for the first time this summer, you won’t be able to resist ordering another one for your home!

The vase is available in Silver, Yellow, Blue and White. The perfect centrepiece for any event, or indeed a stand alone piece, the ShoppingBag Vase has an elegant silhouette that will add style to any home. 

It's also very inexpensive and would make the perfect gift for your friends and family. This year give a gift that is both thoughtful and stylish; one they will remember you by every time they use their ShoppingBag Vase.


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