Miss One Travel Cup

Miss One Modern Glass Travel Cup

Miss One Glass Travel Cup has arrived! It is your on-the-go beverage solution!

This new glass reusable cup is made of thick borosilicate glass with an option to use the complementary glass straw. You can take it everywhere, from your office desk to your yoga studio—without worrying about plastic pollution.

The borosilicate glass is a type of heat-resistant glass. The nonporous of this glass makes no chance of bacteria or mould building up inside. The shape and design are perfect for keeping your beverage hot or cold without having to worry about it spilling over the sides (except when you're upside down!). It also comes with a silicone sleeve and a glass straw that can be removed for cleaning.

The One Glass Travel Cup is a great gift for anyone who enjoys hot beverages. With its sleek design, it’s easy to take with you on the go and fits in your hand comfortably.

Key Features: 

    • 350ml capacity

    • Heat resistant glass

    • Silicone sleeve to keep hands safe from the heat of your drink

    • Eco-friendly, BPA free and dishwasher safe (top shelf only), hand washing is recommended for best results though!

We hope you loved this product as much as we do! We worked very hard to make sure the design was exactly what we wanted, and we think it turned out beautifully.

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