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For the love of triangle glass vase

The triangle vase is a new trend in the world of flower arranging. The geometric shape of the vase provides a different look and feel than the traditional round or cylindrical vases. It is also handy in its ability to showcase an arrangement in a small space, such as on a desk or dresser.

Artemis Triangle Glass Vase
Consider the theme of your room before deciding on an arrangement for your triangle vase. For example, if you have a bold colour scheme, you might choose bold flowers that complement your decor. If you have softer colours in your room, choose flowers with soft colours to match.

Artemis Triangle Glass Vase Smoke

If you're decorating with a large arrangement, consider choosing one or two types of flowers to use throughout. You can place them strategically inside the triangle so they cascade down each side as well as over the top. This creates a sense of unity for the piece. Smaller arrangements may feature several types of flowers since there is not as much space to fill.

Artemis Triangle Glass Vase
Avoid using too many filler flowers in any size arrangement because it will make it difficult to see your main flowers and detract from their beauty.

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